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Navylam+ is an unique system easier and faster for laying bathroom parquet floor. Strips are already pre-oiled and with a double integrated joint. No sanding, oiling and joint laying. You just have to put some glue in the groove provided for and join strips. So, your parquet floor is finished and completely watertight.


The support must be in appliance with the relevant UTD. It is important to be careful with the perfect flatness given that the product to be layed is unfishined and is not to be sanded after being layed. The packages must be opened when laying in order to stabilize according to the hygometry in the room. It must be ranked between 45% and 65%. The humidity rate must be lower than 3% for a 2 cm depth in mortar or concrete support. Other support must respect a level of humidity indicated on the technical application document. The heating must be turned on a few days before the laying (indicated in UTD 51.2). If the humidity rate of the screed exceeds 3%, it is necessary to use ISO ALU TB (uncompatible with under floor heating). Concerning a laying on under floor heating, the humidity rate of the support must be lower than 2% and lower that 0.5% for an anhydrite screed.


We guarantee the Navylam+ wood flooring dedicated to bathroom floor, under conditions:

• The laying must respect the instructions mentionned above.

• The exclusive use of Navycol PU or SP fot the floor laying and Navycol+ for he joint gluing.

• The wood flooring must be regularly maintained as indicated in our instructions.



• Cordon : Directly on the support with Navycol PU (every 10 cm)

• Full : Directly on the support with Navycol PS. Navylam+ is compatible with a low temperature and reversible underfloor heating.

• With an adhesive undercoat ISO dB (Recommended): : ISO DB is a two-in-one system, insuring both the fixation of the parquet on the screed and acting as underlayer of sound insulation. Without drying and waiting the dry of the glue, ISO DB is ready-to-use and allows a fast implementation of surfaces. 


We recommend to use the SET NAVYLAM+. It consists of a kit  for 5 m2 of layed parquet (obligatory layed for the warranty). 1 cloth for cleaning, 1 Navycol+ fot he watertighness of joints, wood chocks for wood absorption, 1L of Navyoil, 1 cartridge of Black navyjoint et 2 adhesive tapes.



We recommend you before gluing, to place some different strips of parquet on the floor every 3 rows to harmonize colours and prepare your sections. After that, draw a line on the floor to delimit the surface to glue. Take off strips and place them with the result to glue in the right order. Begin the laying of your bathroom parquet flooring and do not forget to let some place around 5 mm all around your room to do the expansion joint. For the first line, the groove is on the wall side and the tongue facing you. Now that the first line is laid, you have to stick the tongue with the Navycol+ and also in the end of the blade. If the glue overflows on the wood flooring, clean it immediately. Continue to lay with the same process. The next step is the expansion joint. Before beginning, protect your parquet flooring in sticking an adhesive all around your room, in peripheral. Run the Navyjoint and smooth it with a spatula. Remove the adhesive and let dry.


To keep your bathroom parquet floor Navylam+, use the Navyhuile and dry it with a clean cloth.