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Solid Merbau Decking

Origin: Asia


Orangey brown wood. From dark brown to red. The Merbau has regular natural concretions within the wood vessels. These deposits may be yellow or white but leave the properties of the decking intact. Laying near a swimming pool is not recommended given that the wood makes appear a red staining tannin when raining (including liners).

Average density: 900 kg/cube meter 


• Thickness: 19 mm

• Width: 140 mm

• Lenght: 1800 à 3900 mm

• One flat side and one corrugated side

Laying mode: Screwed installation with brigging joist

Use class:

Classification(in contact with the ground of freshwater) 
Laying: Must be layed in appliance with the STD 51.4 (december 2010)
 Architect description: 
Merbau Decking from Design Parquet or similar way of manufacturing 
Thickness 19 mm, Width 140 mm, variable lenghts from 1800 to 3900 mm
1 flat side and 1 corrugated side with rounded edges.
Merbau decking are screwed at the top with two inow screws in accordance with the up-to-date STD.
After laying, it seems important to remove the red tannin with high-pressure water jets.
Exotic bridging joist (60x40 mm)
Finishing: either 2 / 3 oil layers or no treatment but the decking become grey after few months.