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Roc is the revolutionary new surface treatment developed by Parquet Design

This new finish is an option which may be applied on particular floors in the range. By combining exceptional abrasion resistance of resin including nanotechnologies and the touch surface of polyurethane finishes, the surface treatment «ROC» can be compared with the performance of laminate Flooring.

The “new” appearance of the parquet is preserved for many years and now may be used in public places. This treatment uses only solvent-free products at very low emission of VOC.


Resins implemented in this ROC surface treatment contains nanometricsilicas. These particles have a hardness of about 7 on the Mohs’ scale, which ranks the materials from 1 to 10. The highest scale is only reached by diamond.

The stability of the nanoparticles included in the resin was measured in the laboratory and has been shown that nanoscale particles remain closed in the polymer system. There is no emission of nanoscale particles in the air when the product wears off the product over time.

Varnish ROC fully meets the requirements of the NF floor. Tests (full report on request) were conducted by an independent laboratory.

Many abrasion tests «Taber» were realized by our Quality Department with results still higher at 20,000 turns, which shows performance 2-3 times higher than European standards.

The maintenance is very easy. Just follow the maintenance requirements in the DTU and the FCBA Parquet Guide :

Vacuum or sweep daily in room with outside acess (avoid impregnated textiles). Use a good quality mat at the entrance door to trap dust and grit.

Damp mop weekly (Lisabril®, neutral detergentfloor). If there is a natural dulling of the surface appearance after years of use this can easily be reversed with an application of Metallisation (Renovator or Métamat®).